Ali Critelli releases musical collaboration with Mark Marinaccio and production team Windtree Theory

On Saturday, May 21 the long-awaited musical collaboration between Windtree Theory and Ali Critelli was released. The funky and danceable single, entitled Unbelievable, was penned by Mark Marinaccio and Michael Ballacchino and centers around Ali’s lead and backup vocals. Anchoring the track is the impeccable bass-playing of Paul Yates. Marinaccio (keyboards) and Ballacchino (guitar) fill out the lush harmonies. DRFlynt enhances the song with his dazzling percussion parts. A tight horn section – consisting of Tim Clarke, Thomas Marinaro and Tim Martin – gives the song even more life.

Whether you get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube or Bandcamp doesn’t matter. Just click here to access all of Windtree Theory’s accounts.

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