Mark Marinaccio and Michael Ballacchino of Windtree Theory Collaborate with Sara Rogers and Hayden Fogle on New Single

On Thursday, November 18, the songwriting and production team @windtreetheory, consisting of Mark Marinaccio and Michael Ballacchino, is releasing a brand new single. Entitled “Just Fine,“ it is a collaboration with vocalist Sara Rogers and guitarist Hayden Fogle.

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WINDTREE THEORY releases official lyric video to “Ride”

Ride is actually not a new single. It may be new to you, but its composition occurred years ago and the content was inspired by events that transpired even before that. Not every detail of those events are important, but here’s what the song is about – for those who are wondering.

Ride is about presenting yourself exactly as you are – currently. Imperfections and all. It is most certainly NOT a song about pledging to never change or evolve, but it is a declaration of “here’s who I am now; come along for the journey.” Or the ride.

You can’t sugarcoat your past. You can’t pretend you didn’t exist before you meet someone new. You must tell them where you’ve been, where you plan on going and if they’re truly ready for you, they’ll stick around for the ride. Whether they do or not is irrelevant. It just feels good to state your expectations, draw a line in the sand and await a response in peace regardless of what it is.

Your story is never over. Your past obstacles don’t define you. Your failures are only failures if you still lament them. Learn from them, laugh about them and use them as springboards. The only thing that matters is the destination toward which you’re working – and the extent to which you choose to enjoy the journey.

The character Jerry Maguire once famously said “you complete me,” but that never sat right with me. I believe people usually only complement one another. Personal completion must occur before the addition of a partner. Ride is not an over-promise; it’s more of an under-promise. Rather than committing to being someone’s savior, it’s a commitment to being one’s self. At the end of the day, that’s all you can be. Knowing you don’t have to have all the answers nor work miracles is liberating and when someone walks along side you despite, you’ve got a friend and you’re in the bonus.

Ride features Mark Marinaccio on vocals, Paul Yates on bass and Michael Ballacchino and Dan Ross on guitars. It was mixed by Justin Rose and mastered by Anthony Casuccio.

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QUEEN Tribute Show at Thin Man Chandler (9/6/21, 5:30 PM)

After a highly successful stint at Pride in July last month, Mark Marinaccio is back with an evening of high-energy music by Queen. The band will feature Mark on piano along with Joe Goretti (drums), Jason Neubauer (guitar), Scott Panfil (Freddie Mercury) and Paul Yates (bass). There are no tickets necessary and the show is FREE. A fireworks show sponsored by Russell Salvatore will immediately follow the show at 8:30 PM.