Windtree Theory


Mark Marinaccio and Michael Ballacchino
WINDTREE THEORY is a songwriting and production collective based in Orange County, California and Buffalo, New York. If you are a talented vocalist looking for (1) original material to sing, record and release or (2) production for your existing material, please send a detailed email to

Rogers & Martin

Listen to music by Rogers & Martin
ROGERS & MARTIN is a collaboration between Mark Marinaccio and Devin R. Flynt, two musicians who are not strangers to one another. Their most prominent partnership to date was BeArthur, an dance-funk octet infused with jazz harmony and outfitted with a four-piece horn section.

Mark Marinaccio & Friends

MARK MARINACCIO & FRIENDS is a band of anywhere from three to twenty (or more) musicians operating in and around Buffalo, New York. Their résumé includes tributes to Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Elton John, Queen and the New Romantic music movement. They have also appeared at the Northwest Jazz Festival in Lewiston, NY and The Witches Ball in Buffalo, NY.